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Jesse Franco's Ultra-Marathon Fundraiser for the Nick Wilson Charitable Group
Created by: Franco, Jesse
Status: Closed

$ 4,071.00
Goal$ 6,000.00

Hello Friends & Family-

Hope the year is going good for you all!


As many of you know Allison works at OHSU's Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, OR as a pediatrics bone marrow transplant coordinator, as well as being on the board of directors for a great children's charity organization, the Nick Wilson Charitable Group (NWCG). NWCG is a local non-profit group that provides direct financial assistance to families going thru cancer treatment and bone marrow transplant at Doernbecher. There is a need for this support by SO many of the families during their child's treatment journey. For the past few years, I have been wanting to find a new way to contribute to this great organization and last year with the support of you and so many, I finished the 4x4x48 David Goggins Challenge (4 miles, every 4 hours, for 48 hours) and raised over $8500!! Again, thank you all so much as the charity group appreciated the overwhelming support that was contributed to the NWCG.


Well that was last year, and for 2022 I wanted to challenge myself even more and came up with an idea to attempt the MT. HOOD 50K (31.06 miles, but who's counting crying) trail race up at Timothy Lake, and along parts of the world renowned Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) on Sunday, July 10th. I never imagined that I would/could run a marathon, but after a couple years of training I think I may be able to tackle this bad boy! All your encouragement, support, and generous donations will definitely help me get across that coveted finish-line in hopefully under 6.5 hours?!! I'm extremely excited and nervous to see what this old body can do up there on the mountain and can't wait to report back to you with no dubitably be a great story!


Understanding the tremendous difficulties that have plagued many of us these last couple of years along with our current economic situation, donating to a fundraiser may be challenging, so any texts, phone calls, and/or emails of encouragement will be recognized and used for much needed fuel to get me through some tough dark miles out there!! This is going to be a rough one, and I appreciate your all help!

If you have a moment, please read more about Nick and the group on the About the Organization tab, or click the link Again, thank you all in advance and call/email me with any questions. And remember as WU is for the children this RUN again is for the Children!! CHEEEE HOOOO, LETS GO! See you on the trails...



Stay Strong & Healthy!


Thank you for your generosity and support.


Much Love- Jesse








Holden, Libby$ 520.0007/14/2022254 dMann, George$ 500.0007/12/2022256 dJohnston, Eric johnston$ 280.8007/09/2022259 dMiner, Dan$ 260.0007/07/2022261 dSachdeva, Bobby$ 260.0007/07/2022261 dPalacios, Cassandra$ 250.0007/12/2022256 dPierce, Adam$ 104.0007/10/2022258 dWalker, Brad and Sarah $ 104.0007/14/2022254 dBowman, Brad$ 104.0007/06/2022262 dDavidson, Derek$ 104.0007/06/2022262 dMyers, Kelly$ 104.0007/06/2022262 dPerko, Kathy$ 104.0007/06/2022262 dMcGeary, David$ 104.0007/07/2022261 dPettitt, Daron$ 104.0007/07/2022261 dNewman, James$ 104.0007/08/2022260 dWalker, Ray and Betty$ 104.0007/09/2022259 dMurff, Ryan$ 104.0007/09/2022259 dMorrison, Nia$ 52.0007/10/2022258 dMetz, Jill$ 52.0007/10/2022258 dFerguson , Nycole $ 52.0006/24/2022274 dMeguro, Jenni$ 52.0007/06/2022262 dKnee , Jake$ 52.0007/06/2022262 dGarcia, Miguel$ 52.0007/07/2022261 dFlink, Brian$ 52.0007/08/2022260 dMitchell, Jeff$ 52.0007/08/2022260 dMatson, David$ 52.0007/08/2022260 dAnderson, Erik$ 52.0007/09/2022259 dYap, KalaiPaani$ 52.0007/09/2022259 dP, Teddy$ 50.0006/24/2022274 dFrom da East, Octagon$ 37.4407/09/2022259 dKenagy, Amy$ 31.0607/07/2022261 dDerrick, Douglas$ 26.0007/11/2022257 dStowell, Jon$ 26.0007/07/2022261 dGroves, Bradley$ 26.0007/08/2022260 dDautel , Kathleen $ 26.0007/09/2022259 dFranco, Jesse$ 10.4006/26/2022273 dFranco, Jesse$ 10.4007/16/2022253 dFranco, Jesse$ 10.4007/02/2022267 dFranco, Jesse$ 10.4007/23/2022246 dFranco, Jesse$ 10.4007/09/2022260 dFranco, Jesse$ 10.4007/30/2022239 dOrta, Patti$ 10.0007/06/2022262 dFranco, Jesse-$ 10.4008/04/2022233 d

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